How to Live a Yogic Lifestyle [TTC Audio]

How to Live a Yogic Lifestyle [TTC Audio]

English | January 19, 2021 | ASIN: B08S9L1RWH |

Goat yoga. Beer yoga. Dance party yoga. Wine and chocolate yoga. Based on the popularity and prevalence (and creativity) of yoga styles in Western culture it seems like anything counts as yoga. But how true is this to the original, authentic practice?

To truly live a yogic lifestyle, you have to understand the true purpose of yoga: to help us learn to work systematically with our minds and with our bodies to better navigate the world outside us – and within us. No, you don’t need to be Hindu to live a yogic lifestyle. But you do need to broaden your awareness of how your lifestyle choices affect, and are affected by, the world around you.

In just 10 lessons, yogi, cognitive psychologist, and international yoga teacher Heidi Sormaz guides you through rewarding perspectives on an enlightening lifestyle. How to Live a Yogic Lifestyle reveals what, exactly, people are doing when they practice yoga – and what, exactly, yoga teachers are teaching. Forget about conflicting, confusing information. This authoritative Audible Original shows you how to start practicing yoga from where you are, and how to create a lifestyle of consciously shaping your attitudes and actions according to this ancient and modern philosophy of thought and motion.

That ineffable feeling that lingers in the air after an invigorating yoga class (outdoor or indoor, hot or cold)? You’ll feel the same after spending time with these lessons, too.

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