Quantum Entanglement by Jed Brody

Title: Quantum Entanglement
Format: epub | Size: 430.21 KB Author: Jed Brody
Language: English | Year: 2020 | Total pages: 184

ISBN Number:

Description: An exploration of quantum entanglement and the ways in which it contradicts our everyday assumptions about the ultimate nature of reality.Quantum physics is notable for its brazen defiance of common sense. (Think of Schrödinger’s Cat, famously both dead and alive.) An especially rigorous form of quantum contradiction occurs in experiments with entangled particles. Our common assumption is that objects have properties whether or not anyone is observing them, and the measurement of one can’t affect the other. Quantum entanglement-called by Einstein "spooky action at a distance"-rejects this assumption, offering impeccable reasoning and irrefutable evidence of the opposite. Is quantum entanglement mystical, or just mystifying? In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, Jed Brody equips readers to decide for themselves. He explains how our commonsense assumptions impose constraints-from which entangled particles break free.

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