53 Erotic Novels

53 Erotic Novels
53 Books | PDF | English | 435 MB

A collection of 53 erotic fiction’science fiction novels from 1952-1961 published mostly by Beacon & Galaxy. All in PDF format with covers. Enjoy reading & seed for others:

A Woman a Day (1960) by Philip Jose Farmer
Adultress (1959) by Lon Williams
Cheating Wives (1955) by Barry Devlin
Chris (1959) by Randy Salem
Convention Girl (1954) by Rick Lucas
Danielle (1959) by Joseph Foster
Doctor Prescotts Secret (1960 by Peggy Gaddis
Ex-Mistress (1960) by Thomas Stone
Flesh (1960) by Philip Jose Farmer
Girl on the Beach (1960) by Max Day
Golden Tramp (1959) by Daoma Winston
Harling College (1961) by Mark Kirby
Helena’s House (1952) by Kim Savage
Hell is a Woman (1961) by Garrett W. Deas
His Best Friend’s Wife (1961) by Margaret Carruthers
Hitchike Hussy (1952) by John B. Thompson
House Party (1961) by Dominique Napier
Intimate Physician (1960) by Florenz Branch
Lady Cop by T. J. Pritchard
Love Now, Pay Later (1961) by Elaine Dorian
Lust for Love (1960) by Florence Stonebraker
Lusting Women (1961) by Jon Balmer
Male Virgin (1960) by lack Woodford and }ohn Burton Thompson
Man Chase (1961) by Joseph Chadwick
Odd John (1936) by Olaf Stapleton
One More for the Road (1960) by }ohn Burton IThompson
One of those Cruises (1961) by R. R. NcCollum
Pagan Passions (1959) by Randall Garrett & Larry M. Harris
Pleasure Ground (1961) by Orrie Hitt
Pound of Flesh (1960) by Simms Albert
Reckless (1961) by Tom Stone
Scarlet City (1960) by Winchell Barry
Sherry (1961) by Hodge Evans
Sin In Space (1961) by Cryil Judd
Slave Ship (1936) by H. B. Drake
Stable Boy (1954) by Adam Rebel
Studio Affair (1951) by Clement Wood
The Deviates (1956, 59) by Raymond F. Jones
The Hayloft (1960) by Gregory Swanson
The Lash of Lust (1961) by Hodge Evens
The Male Response (1961) by Brian Aldiss
The Mating Cry (1950,60) by A. E. van Vogt
The Mattress Game (1961) by Matt Harding
The Other Woman (1960) by Charles Burgess
The Sex Cure (1962 )by Elaine Dorian
The Sex War (1953) by Sam Merwin Jr.
Too Much Woman (1961) by Elliott Gilbert
Troubled Star (1952, 57, 59) by George 0. Smith
Untamed Lust (1960) by Orrie Hitt
Virgin Planet (1959,60) by Poul Anderson
Wanton (1960) by Ben Smith
Wild Body (1961) by Manning Clay
Young Widow (1960) by Matt Harding

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