Accelerated learning: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Improve Your Skills

July 27, 2019 | English | ASIN: B07VR7Z921 | 139 pages | EPUB | 1.1 MB

Do you want to learn how to improve your skills quickly and easily to get the success you deserve?

The curiosity of learning has always been a key element of human evolution. However, the technology development and the busy life we are committed to decreased chances to learn and improve our skills.

Nowadays, we are so focused on following the crowd we do not realize we need to Get off the Hamster Wheel. We feel we need to do something, but we are so bombarded by information from everywhere we prefer to close our eyes and just keep running on the wheel.

Some people think the only way to get off it’s not affordable. They believe the only way is to stop everything, go back to study as hard as possible and then get the knowledge they need to be successful in their life. This is too much they think. "I can’t quit my job. I can’t find time for improving myself". The only true is that they don’t want it. They don’t want to improve their life because they lack the will to transform their life.

Just few years ago I was in the same situation. I wasn’t 100% aware of it, but the reality is that I was struggling. I was the puppet of everybody both at office and home. I felt I needed to do something but I didn’t know what.

One day I decided It was enough. So I started to invest in myself with the only goal to improve my life. So, I bought the main self-help and personal development books. And I understood the problem was me and my lack of awareness.

Starting this path, I immediately found a problem: there were so many books and so many information. I needed to face the problem. And that’s why I started looking at new ways to learn.

My life changed completely, just increasing my ability to acquire and digest information. And the best part was that the more my knowledge increased the better things started to go in my life.

At the end I quit my previous job – I now run my own business in the self- help industry. Not only I changed my professional life but also my private one. I changed the way to look at people and improved my skills to get what I wanted from any relationships. I also lost 40 pounds. I am so happy and grateful now. But I still keeping the curiosity to learn and improve!

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