Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials | Photoshop Masterclass

Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials | Photoshop Masterclass
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Duration: 33.5 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

This Adobe Photoshop masterclass will teach you Photoshop retouching + photo editing. Bonus: 7 Photoshop courses in 1.

What you’ll learn

New, Photoshop tutorials added every month. Your Photoshop learning never stops!
33+ hours of Photoshop tutorials (recorded at 1080HD) already included – for both beginners and advanced users!
Photoshop – Learn how to edit like a pro. You’ll learn how to use ALL retouching tools for awesome photos. Plus, tips from a pro photographer with 30 years experience. I’ve been using Photoshop since 1991 and I’ll share all my secrets & pro tips.
Photoshop Layers – learn how to use layers and take your creativity to the next level
Pro tips for a fast productive workflow
How to use Adjustment Layers & Masks to edit like a pro and be more creative
Adobe Camera Raw – everything you need to know to edit your photos like a pro
How to be more productive – a must for a fast and productive workflow
Photoshop basics – a solid foundation for your journey with Photoshop CC
How to use Adobe Bridge to organize and streamline your workflow
Understand the fundamentals of Photoshop
Understanding color in Photoshop – a must for a fast and productive workflow
33+ Hours of Photoshop tutorials recorded at 1080HD!
How to add Photoshop Layer Styles to add that extra touch of creativity
Learn about Blending Modes and how to use them to take your creativity to the next level
How to create vectors in Photoshop
Learn how to Clone + Heal to master retouching
Learn how to crop, straighten and adjust for perspective
Learn how to convert your images to B&W like a true artist
Learn all about Photoshop filters, how to use and apply
Learn how to make your own Photoshop actions
Learn how to use 2 pro Photoshop editing tools; Curves & Levels.
Learn all about Photoshop brushes to help you master your editing. Plus, creative techniques too.
Learn all about how to use Typography with Photoshop
Learn how to make Selections to fine-tune your editing
Advanced Web Design Project – for Photoshop


Any version of Adobe Photoshop, preferably the CC (Creative Cloud) version.
No prior knowledge or experience with Photoshop is required


Are you new to Photoshop and/or struggling to learn Photoshop on your own?

Then, this course is perfect for you.

In the beginning you’ll learn the basics of Photoshop and as you work your way through the course we’ll cover more advanced Photoshop projects.

You can then take your new Photoshop skills and begin getting paid for it!


Either apply your knowledge to your own images for your photographic studio or take on freelance work for editing, re-touching, color correction, and even graphic design (we’ll cover graphic design projects later in the course: how to use/add text, create logos, web design and more).

Yes, it is possible to learn everything you need to know about getting started with Photoshop in one course.

With over 33 hours of Photoshop content and 7 Photoshop courses in 1, with more tutorials being added on a regular basis, you can learn Photoshop essentials and advanced projects in this 1 Photoshop course.

This Photoshop course is perfect for both photographers and graphic designers.

Here is a complete list of everything you’ll learn in this Photoshop course.

Section 1: Photoshop Crash Course for Beginners!

Here you’ll download all course resources: photo files and the exclusive Photoshop Essentials Guide.

The Photoshop Essentials Guide is designed to be used with this Photoshop course. Print it out and use it to take notes. Plus, each lecture is summarized in the guide for easy reference when offline.

Throughout the remainder of this section you’ll learn key essentials all Photoshop users should know.

How to use the Home Screen

How to create new files

How to use and setup the Photoshop interface

How to open your images (there are several ways to do so)

How to work with multiple files that are open at once

How to save and export your files

Section 2: Quick Start Photoshop for Image Editing

Learn the 3 most requested things Photoshop beginners want to know.

How to make your images "POP"

How to retouch your photos in Photoshop

How to re-size and save your images for social media

Section 3: Photoshop Course 2: Photoshop Layers: What They Are & How To Use Them

You’ll learn all about layers in the "digital world" AND the "real world". Why?

Knowing how I used layers (before there were layers) will help you better understand how and why layers are an essential Photoshop skill.

Discover the 12 different types of Photoshop layers, an overview of the layers panel and much more.

Oh, and this is the beginning of the second Photoshop course. The first one was the first 2 sections: "crash course" + "quick start".

Section 4: How To Edit Your Photos, in Photoshop, Like a Pro!

In this section, you’ll learn the power of Photoshop Adjustment Layers (and what they are and how to use them).

Section 5: How to Maximize Color in Photoshop

Understanding the color of light, color in general and how to manage it in Photoshop is critical for getting the results you want.

Learn how to "see" color and pro tips for managing color.

Section 6: How to Edit RAW Files In Photoshop

Learn the difference between RAW & JPG and which one is better (and why).

Section 7: Image Processing & a Photoshop Workflow

You’ll learn my thoughts on processing and you’ll learn from my own personal workflow. The same workflow I’ve used on millions of edits.

Section 8: How To Use Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw plugin. Or Also Known As: ACR

Learn the ins-and-outs of editing your RAW (and jpg if you prefer) files in ACR.

You’ll learn all of the following

White Balance, what it is and how to adjust it (properly)

a lesson on the Histogram and why it’s important to use before and during editing

a quick overview of the Photoshop ACR interface

How to make adjustments to improve the dynamic range of your photos

How to use the power of Tone Curves to improve your photos

How to sharpen your photos (properly)

How to use the HLS + Color for editing your images

How to use the lens correction to fix distortions

How to add a vignette, grain and use the de-haze tool

How crop & straighten your photos in Photoshop ACR

How to remove spots in ACR

How to use the graduated filters to improve your photos

How to use the target adjustment tool to precisely control your edits

How to merge multiple images for an HDR effect

How to merge multiple images to create a panoramic

How to remove "red eye" (and pet eye) in ACR

Section 9: How to Crop, Straighten and Fix Perspective in Photoshop

Although you learned how to crop your photos in ACR, you’ll learn how to do so directly in Photoshop.

Plus, learn how to straighten and fix perspective issues with Photoshop.

Section 10: How to Convert Color Images to B&W
First, you’ll learn 3 ways NOT to convert your images into B&W.

Then, you’ll learn how the pro’s convert to B&W for full creative control.

Section 11: How to Precisely Edit Your Photos in Photoshop

You’ll now learn some additional ways to edit your images, like a pro.

Here are a few things you’ll learn in this section.

Learn what the dodge, burn and sponge tool are used for

How to use the dodge and burn tool to edit your images

How to use the sponge tool to edit your images

How to use the dodge and burn tool with blending modes

How to use the dodge and burn tool with gradients

Section 12: How to Use the Tone Curve in Photoshop

We’ll expand on your knowledge of the tone curve tool (based on what you learned in ACR first). Learn how to use it directly in Photoshop and you’ll learn some basic color corrections that can be done with the curves tool.

Section 13: How to Use the Levels Tool in Photoshop

You’ll learn how to use the Levels tool to edit your photos. We’ll start with the basics and then you’ll learn how to add contrast with it.

Section 14: How to Use Photoshops Stamp Tool

We’ll start with a quick overview. Then, you’ll learn how to use the stamp tool to edit your photos.

Section 15: How to Use the Healing Tools in Photoshop

The Heal Tool is a powerful tool all retouchers should learn how to master. There are several tools within the "Heal" category that can be used for a variety of retouching challenges.

You’ll learn about each and when/why to use it for specific retouching projects.

Section 16: How to Use the Select Tools in Photoshop

"Selecting", in Photoshop, is another one of those skillsets you’ll need to master in order to fulfill your creative vision. There’s a lot of selection tools to get the job done.

You’ll learn about all of them and how to use them. Including.

How to use the Marquee Selection tool

How to use the Lasso tool

How to use the Magic Wand tool

How to use the Quick Mask mode

How to use a Mask selection

How to use the Content Aware Fill tool

How to use the Color Range tool

How to use the Select Subject tool

Take your knowledge, and the provided photo, to make a selection of an outfit and change the color

Plus, learn advanced selection techniques to "select" and edit your photos

Section 17: How to Use Blending Modes, in Photoshop, For Creative Edits

Blending Modes are another part of "layers". They can be used for creative editing effects not possible with other tools.

First, we’ll start off with the basics of blending modes and how they work.

Then, we’ll cover each group of blending modes and learn what type of editing effects to expect for your artwork/photos.

Section 18: How to Use Photoshop Filters For More Creative Edits

Take your creativity to the next level with Photoshop filters. Learn what they are, where they are and how to use them for your creative vision.

Section 19: Learn Additional Photoshop Layer Tips: for Graphic Designers

This section is focused on layer skills all graphic designers should know!

How to align layers

How to stack, copy + delete layers

How to organize your layers, like a pro

Section 20: Learn How to Use Photoshop Brushes

All creative artists should know how to use brushes in Photoshop. They are essential for editing, drawing, painting, design and more.

First, you’ll learn the basics of the brush tool. Then.

How to adjust brush options

How to create a custom logo brush

Learn the difference between brushes vs. the pencil

How to use the color replacement tool

How to use the "history" brush

and more tips along the way

Section 21: Learn How to Output Your Files From Photoshop

Once you’ve completed your creative masterpiece it’s time to share it with the world! Learn about different file formats, saving and more.

Section 22: How to Use the Eraser Tool in Photoshop

Sometimes you just need to get rid of something, fast. Introducing the Eraser tool, how to use it to remove backgrounds and more.

Section 23: How to Use the Frame Tool in Photoshop

This new Photoshop frame tool is something I desired during my 30 year career as a graphic designer. It’s an awesome new tool all graphic designers will want in their toolbox.

Learn what it is and how to use it.

Section 24: How to Use the New Content Aware Fill Tool in Photoshop

Another new awesome Photoshop tool. This tool is intelligent and will make a breeze at retouching your photos. Learn what it is and how to use it to retouch your photos.

Section 25: How To Be More Productive in Photoshop

Now that you know the basics of Photoshop it’s time to improve your productivity. Some of this stuff is boring. However, it’s imperative to a fast and productive workflow. Especially for working professionals where time is money.

How to adjust the Photoshop preferences for optimal performance

How to adjust Photoshop color preferences for consistent results

How to adjust menus based on your own specific requirements

How to save 1 hour for every 8 hours worked!

How to use the zoom + hand tools like a pro

and much more

Section 26: How to Use Adobe Photoshop Bridge to Manage Your Digital Assets

Adobe Bridge is a free plugin included with Photoshop. You can use it as a file manager to organize, search, add metadata and more.

You’ll learn the basics of Bridge

How to adjust the Bridge preferences for optimal performance

How to adjust the Bridge workspace

How to use favorites + collections for organizing your files

How to improve your organization with keywords, ratings and labels

How to quickly find any photo (providing you did some of the above) with search + filter

How to add copyright metadata to your files (and more)

Plus, my personal workflow with Adobe Bridge

Section 27: How to Use Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are another powerful tool for helping you streamline your workflow.

Learn how to record specific steps you take to edit your photos and save it (as an action) to be re-used on other photos.

Section 28: Photoshop Course 3: Light Effects

This Photoshop course (included for free) provides valuable lessons on how to use 5 awesome Photoshop tools that will allow you to; add light, enhance existing light, enhance and add color to your sunsets and sunrises, create lens leaks, add lens flare and much more.

Included with this course are the images used in each lesson. Use them to follow along as you learn! This is a great way to increase the learning process. Plus, submit your practice files for feedback!

First, you’ll learn about the 5 tools that are used throughout the course; Adjustment Layers, Adjustment Layer Masks, Curves, Levels & Gradients.

Then, you will be able to confidently use them while watching the lessons. By the time you’re done with the course & practice files, you’ll be able to achieve the same look on your own photos.

Each lighting effect is taught in bite-size, step-by-step lessons to better grasp each step of the process.

You will also see how different Blend Modes effect the final results, how to use opacity, keyboard shortcuts and much more.

A comprehensive resource file is included that has all of the keyboard shortcuts used throughout the lessons. And, each video will display the keyboard shortcut used at that time!

Section 29: Photoshop Course 4: Zombie Apocalypse

In this course you’ll learn all the tools I use to create custom Zombie’s, in Photoshop, from ordinary portraits. Plus, you’ll also receive my Zombie Apocalypse Photoshop action (includes 3 versions) that will easily and quickly transform your ordinary portrait into a Zombie. all in under 2 minutes!

Once you know how to create a Zombie, from the Photoshop action, I’ll then walk you through all the different tools, tips and techniques that I use to create custom Zombie portraits.

First, you’ll install the 3 Zombie Photoshop actions, 20+ skin textures and 10+ blood brushes that come with this course and then you’ll run the Photoshop action. I’ll explain what needs to be done for best results and additional tips.

Once you know the basics, you’ll be able to transform your ordinary portrait, into a Zombie, in 2 minutes or less.

Then you’ll begin learning advanced techniques for customizing your Zombie to fulfill your creative vision. This course has been structured for all levels of Photoshop users, from beginners to more experienced users.

Plus, bite-size (each lesson is around 5 – 6 minutes) detailed explanations and Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are included for you as well. All keyboard shortcuts are displayed, throughout the tutorials, for easy and quick reference.

Some of the tools you’ll learn throughout the course will include.

the Free Transform Tool

Layer Styles

Blending Modes

Layer Masks

.and much more

Each tutorial is jam packed with shortcuts, tips and techniques for creating one-of-a-kind Zombies! Plus, as an extra bonus, you’ll also receive 20+ additional wound overlays for customizing your Zombies. This includes skin lesions, open wounds, bullet holes and more. You’ll learn how to add them to your Zombie portraits and customize for a "natural" look.

Once you’ve completed this course you’ll be able to easily and quickly create gory Zombie portraits your friends and/or clients will be DYING for.

Section 30: Photoshop Course 5: How to Transform Photos With Fall Colors

Hello and Photoshop Fall Edits for Outdoor Portraits & Landscapes!

In this Photoshop course I share how to easily and quickly transform ordinary, boring, green foliage into beautiful, vibrant and colorful Fall colors.

It’s super easy. So easy, you can could create this transformation within a couple of minutes.

So, the question is, why does it take over an hour to explain? Well, I’m sharing more than how to achieve this creative edit.

Not only do I share the fundamentals of the tools being used. like layers, layer masks, blending modes, ACR and more. but, I’m also going to share my 3 step editing workflow! This is the same workflow I use to edit hundreds of images PER hour!

As a professional photographer, it’s imperative to spend less time in front of the computer and have more time for more clients. That doesn’t mean we cut corners and ignore the creative process. Instead, we prioritize with the end in mind. You’ll learn my basic premise for editing in general and exactly where your editing should start. Hint: it’s not in Photoshop.

Section 31: Photoshop Course 6: Cinematic Edits

Hello and Photoshop Cinematic Photography Effects course!

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood creates those stunning, cinematic colors and wished you could apply to your photos? Well, wonder no more. This course will teach you how to add Cinematic color style effects to your still photography – all in Photoshop!

You will learn how easy it is to apply those Cinematic effects directly in Photoshop. No filters, plugins or other tools required. Everything can be done directly in Photoshop within minutes.

Plus, I’ll share with you my favorite keyboard shortcuts, editing process and more to streamline your Photoshop workflow.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to create this trendy photo effect in Photoshop. You’ll also learn what Color Grading is and how to apply to your images.

First, you’ll start of learning all the basics in the, well, Basics section. 🙂

This includes learning all about the Curves tool (how to use, tips and more), how to use Adjustment Layers (plus Masks) to streamline your workflow, an awesome (free) tool for finding complimentary colors (which are important for achieving the Cinematic style), how to color correct an image in 5 seconds and much more.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll move on to learn 3 different ways to create the Cinematic style within Photoshop.

Want feedback?

Projects include the same photos used in the course. This will give you an opportunity to follow along, practice with and upload your Cinematic edits for review either by me and/or other photographers in the community.

Section 32 – 50: Photoshop Course 7: Advanced Photoshop Projects

This and the following sections include additional Photoshop advanced projects and is considered another course in-and-of-itself. Includes projects for photographers and graphic designers.

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn.


how to control depth-of-field

how to add motion blur

landscape editing workflow

high school portrait editing workflow

how to replace skies with new clouds

how to add snow to your winter images

how to blur the background

how to create the Stranger Things "Shadow" Monster

how to transform a portrait into vector art

how to transform a photo into a watercolor

how to create a half B&W and half sepia toned image with a torn paper effect down the middle

graphic design.

how to add text to your documents

how to use layer styles for your creative vision

how to use vector paths and create shapes

how to design a website in Photoshop

how to create grungy/retro/3D text

how to create a modern/retro logo

how to create a web banner

7 tips for creating t-shirt designs in Photoshop

and much more pro tips along the way

Who this course is for:

Beginners to Adobe Photoshop CC
Photographers of all levels
Designers of all levels
Anyone who wants to learn the essentials of Photoshop

(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)