Business Etiquette 101: Social Skills for Success

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Master Social Skills in Business, Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem, Conversation Skills, Networking, Digital Brand

What you’ll learn
How to get clients and coworkers to know, like and trust you.
How to approach networking events with strategy, skill and less anxiety (because you know what to do).
How to interact with business people in an engaging and polished manner.
Why your executive outfit is important for making a great first impression.
How to dress for your industry (traditional, creative, or casual).
How to start, continue and end a conversation.
How to sound intelligent and competent in a business conversations.
How to manage your online presence and reputation.
Western business etiquette.
Skills you won’t learn in formal education or business school.

A desire to build a solid and valuable professional reputation.
A desire to feel more confident in business situations.
A desire to be an excellent business person, not just an average one.
A computer, tablet, or smartphone to watch the videos and headphones for audio.

Do you want to improve your social skills for business? Do you want to be able to interact with people confidently, authentically and effectively in business?

Business etiquette skills are incredibly important for new graduates, early-stage professionals, senior level executives, and those who want to work in the western business world.

When you are skilled in business etiquette, you will have an edge over your competition. You will be able to connect better with clients and coworkers. It will make doing business easier, smoother and more profitable for you.

Imagine walking into a networking event knowing exactly what to do and who to talk with. Imagine knowing how to really connect with somebody in a natural, authentic way. Imagine being able to lead a conversation and have that person walk away liking and trusting you.

All of this is possible and skills in business etiquette will help you achieve it.

The professional world today is fiercely competitive and you have to go one extra mile to stay on your career trajectory. How do you remain employable? How do you stand out from the crowd?

Despite what you might think, learning more technical skill is often not the answer. But improving, enhancing and developing your business etiquette and social skill is the key to sustained employment and professional success.

Think of it this way: For two people who have a comparable level of education and skill, what separates these two people when it comes to success is their ability to connect with others, engage in conversation, and communicate their true potential to decision-makers in their industry.

In other words, what separates these two people when it comes to success, is their level of social skill in business.

Remember, hard skills might get you hired but lack of soft skills will get you fired.

In this course, you will

become known as a professional with a high level of social skill and soft skill

know how to get clients and coworkers to know, like and trust you

understand why focusing on your executive wardrobe is so important for a great first impression

know how to create an executive wardrobe (men and women) for a polished, professional brand

conquer networking events with confidence and strategy

master your conversations to appear intelligent and competent

start to manage your online presence and reputation online

This course is heavily focused on building the know, like and trust factor. Why? Because business is done with people. Building, nurturing, and fostering relationships with your colleagues, clients and boss is critical to your professional success.

Who this course is for?
New graduates who want to establish a professional reputation from the first day on the job.
Early-stage professionals (junior to mid-level) who want to strengthen their personal brand and build better relationships with coworkers and clients.
Senior leaders who want a refresher on how to create an elevated reputation and build strong relationships with coworkers, clients and stakeholders
People who want to work in the western business world and want to learn western business etiquette so they can assimilate better.
People who aren’t confident in business situations and want to build up their self-confidence with better social skills.
Entrepreneurs who want to develop their brand, get noticed by and win over potential clients.
Finance professionals, lawyers, accountants, marketing or advertising professionals, sales people, executive Assistants, engineers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.


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