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Radiation Effects on Polymers for Biological Use

Radiation Effects on Polymers for Biological Use By Henning Kausch
English | PDF | 2003 | 181 Pages | ISBN : 3540440208 | 11.27 MB
Biomaterials repair, reinforce or replace damaged functional parts of the (human) body. All mechanical and biological interactions between an implant and the body occur across the interface, which has to correspond as nearly as possible to its particular function. Much of the progress in adapting polymer materials for use in a biological environment has been obtained through irradiation techniques. For this reason the most recent developments in four key areas are reviewed in this special volume: (1) the analysis of the topology and the elemental composition of a functional surface, (2) the chemical modification of the surface which results in highly pure, sterile and versatile surfaces, (3) the sterilisation of implantable devices via ionising radiation and its possible effects on the structural mechanical properties of polymers, and (4) the radiation effects on living cells and tissues which are of particular importance for radiation protection and radiotherapy.


Quintessential Quinoa Desserts

Quintessential Quinoa Desserts: Eat Great, Lose Weight, Feel Healthy by Abigail R. Gehring
2015 | ISBN: 1629144940, 1510719512, ASIN: B00R3LDYXO | English | 192 pages | EPUB | 20 MB


Quantum Dots Applications in Biology

Quantum Dots: Applications in Biology by Marcel P. Bruchez
English | PDF | 2007 | 253 Pages | ISBN : 3540140077 | 6.52 MB
Quantum Dots captures many diverse applications enabling utility in biological detection. Organized into five parts, the first two parts cover the use of QDs in imaging fixed and living cells (and tissues). Protocols are included for using QDs in routine (protein and structural cellular labeling), as well as enabling (single receptor trafficking, clinical pathology, correlative microscopy) applications. Part 3 shows early efforts aimed at using QDs in live animals. The final 2 parts demonstrate the versatility of QD technology in existing assay technology.