CBT Nuggets Cisco CCIE Combo Pack

CBT Nuggets Cisco CCIE Combo Pack
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CBT Nuggets CCIE Combo Pack

Contains videos for CCIE Certification Package and CCIE Video Practice Lab

CCIE certification is tough to get, but also it is one of the most recognized and highest paying certifications an IT professional can have. The CCIE Combo Pack is a combination of two great training packages available to prepare you for CCIE certification: Cisco CCIE Certification Package and Cisco CCIE Video Practice Lab.

In the CCIE Certification Package, trainer Jeremy Cioara addresses common questions and concerns regarding the CCIE routing and switching lab exam while he goes through the many aspects of internetworking. To do so, he works through the creation and configuration of a practice network, and then runs through LAN/WAN topologies and scenarios on that network.

In the CCIE Video Practice Lab, Cioara covers the knowledge and skills essential for success on the lab portion of the CCIE exam. He works through a scenario you might find on the exam, going through how to diagnose and solve problems in that scenario. The videos cover a solid framework of knowledge and skills that will help you create solutions to whatever network problems you will face.

Both sets of videos map to requirements for the CCIE lab exam, but their usefulness doesn’t stop there. We designed the videos to be an ongoing resource for you in your career as a Cisco network professional, giving you useful knowledge and tools you’ll use on the job, day after day.

This series consists of 56 videos that provide more than 35 hours of instruction. While a CCNP certification is not a pre-requisite to earn your CCIE certification, you do need to know routing and switching thoroughly. In addition to having a CCNA, we recommend that you have the knowledge and skills of a CCNP prior to viewing the CCIE videos.

NOTE: The CCIE Exam has been updated to cover new information on MPLS, as well as some additional information on Security and IPv6.

This training has not yet been updated to cover these concepts. This training still maps to all other exam objectives and will help you greatly as you prepare for the CCIE Lab exam.


Cisco CCIE Certification Package

– CCIE Series Intro: So you want to be a CCIE
– Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 1): Cat 3550, VLANs, VTP, and EtherChannel
– Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 2): Cat 3550, Spanning Tree Protocol
– Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 3): Cat 3550, Advanced Features
– Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 1): HDLC & PPP
– Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 2): Frame Relay
– Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 3): Frame Relay Traffic Shaping and ATM
– Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 4): ISDN
– Internal Routing Protocols (Part 1): Distance Vector Challenges and RIPv2
– Internal Routing Protocols (Part 2): Advanced EIGRP Configuration
– Internal Routing Protocols (Part 3): OSPF, Key Concepts
– Internal Routing Protocols (Part 4): Foundation OSPF Configuration
– Internal Routing Protocols (Part 5): Advanced OSPF Configuration: NBMA Networks
– Internal Routing Protocols (Part 6): Advanced OSPF Configuration: Practical Example
– Internal Routing Protocols (Part 7): Understanding and Configuring the IS-IS Protocol
– Advanced Router Technology (Part 1): Routing the Unroutable: Router Bridging Technology
– Advanced Router Technology (Part 2): Data Link Switching Plus (DLSW+)
– Advanced Router Technology (Part 3): Voice over IP (VoIP)
– Advanced Router Technology (Part 4): Network Address Translation (NAT)
– Advanced Router Technology (Part 5): HSRP and NTP
– Advanced Router Technology (Part 6): Understanding IP Access-Lists
– Advanced Router Technology (Part 7): Multicast Routing Concepts
– Advanced Router Technology (Part 8): Configuring Multicast Routing
– Quality of Service (Part 1): QoS Fundamentals and the MQC
– Quality of Service (Part 2): Congestion Management and Avoidance
– Quality of Service (Part 3): Policing, Shaping, and Link Efficiency
– BGP (Part 1): BGP Theory
– BGP (Part 2): Understanding BGP Attributes
– BGP (Part 3): Foundation BGP Configuration
– BGP (Part 4): BGP Route Reflectors, Confederations, and Peer-Groups
– BGP (Part 5): BGP Route Aggregation and Filtering
– BGP (Part 6): Configuring BGP Attributes to Influence Routing, Part 1
– BGP (Part 7): Configuring BGP Attributes to Influence Routing, Part 2
– BGP (Part 8): BGP Multihoming, Route Dampening, and Optimization
– Practice Lab
– IPv6

CCIE Video Practice Lab

– CCIE Practice Labs Introduction
– CCIE Lab Setup
– Bridging and Switching: Frame Relay
– Bridging and Switching: 3550
– IGP Protocols: OSPF Part 1
– IGP Protocols: OSPF Part 2
– IGP Protocols: RIPv2
– IGP Protocols: EIGRP
– EGP Protocols: BGP Part 1
– EGP Protocols: BGP Part 2
– EGP Protocols: BGP Part 3
– ISDN: Connectivity and Dial Restrictions
– Cisco IOS Features: DHCP
– Cisco IOS Features: Redundant Routing
– Cisco IOS Features: SNMP
– Cisco IOS Features: NTP
– Cisco IOS Features: Miscellaneous Tasks
– Quality of Service
– Multicast
– Security

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