Cloud Academy Net Microservices Build Deployment and Hosting Course Two STM

Cloud Academy – Net Microservices Build Deployment and Hosting Course Two-STM
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In this advanced course we take a legacy monolithic .Net application and re-architect it to use a combination of cloud services to increase, scalability, performance and manageability

Learning Objectives This course will enable you to:

Understand the principles and patterns associated with microservices

Understand the principles and patterns associated with Restful APIs

Understand important requirements to consider when migrating a monolithic application into a microservices architecture

Understand the benefits of using microservices and associated software patterns and tools to build microservice based applications at speed and scale

Understand tradeoffs between different architectural approaches

Become familiar and comfortable with modern open source technologies such as Dotnet Core, Docker, Docker Compose Linux, Terraform, Swagger, React

Become familiar with Docker and Container orchestration runtimes to host and run containers, such as Docker Compose, Amazon ECS using Fargate, and Amazon EKS


A basic understanding of software development

A basic understanding of the software development life cycle

A basic understanding of Devops and CICD practices

Familiarity with Dotnet and C#

Familiarity with AWS

Intended audience

Software Developers and Architects

DevOps Practitioners interested in CICD implementation

Anyone interested in understanding and adopting Microservices and Restful APIs within their own organisation

Anyone interested in modernising an existing application

Anyone interested in Docker, and Containers in general

Anyone interested in container orchestration runtimes such
as Kubernetes

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