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Course Description
This course provides an introduction to working with Amazon DynamoDB, a fully-managed NoSQL database service provided by Amazon Web Services. We begin with a description of DynamoDB and compare it to other database platforms. The course continues by walking you through designing tables and reading and writing data, which is somewhat different than other databases you may be familiar with. We conclude with more advanced topics including secondary indexes and how DynamoDB handles very large tables

Course Objectives
You will gain the following skills by completing this course:

How to create DynamoDB tables
How to read and write data
How to use queries and scans
How to create and query secondary indexes
How to work with large tables

Intended Audience
You should take this course if you have:

An understanding of basic AWS technical fundamentals
Awareness of basic database concepts, such as tables, rows
indexes, and queries
A basic understanding of computer programming. The course
includes some programming examples in Python

See the Intended Audience section
This Course Includes

Expert-guided lectures about Amazon DynamoDB
1 hour and 31 minutes of high-definition video
Expert-level instruction from an industry veteran

What You’ll Learn

Video Lecture
What You’ll Learn

DynamoDB Basics
A basic and foundational overview of DynamoDB

Creating DynamoDB Tables
How to create DynamoDB tables and understand key concepts

Reading and Writing Data
How to use the AWS Console and API to read and write data

Queries and Scans
How to use queries and scans with the AWS Console and API

Secondary Indexes
How to work with Secondary Indexes

Working with Large Tables
How to use partitioning in large tables

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