Complete Electrical Design Engineering Distribution Course

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Learn everything you need to work in electrical distribution field design drawing for electrical power engineers.

What you’ll learn
learn about Autocad and how to get free license for students
Change background in Autocad
Draw Line and Polyline in Autocad
Draw a Rectangle and Circle in Autocad
Draw a Circle and Polygon in Autocad
Draw an Arc and Multi Spiral Lines in Autocad
Use the Offset feature to Draw Multiple Lines in Autocad
Add Text to Autocad
Extend Lines in Autocad
Learn about Different Selection Methods in Autocad
Understand how to Use different F shortcuts in Autocad
Add Dimensions in Autocad
Draw the Fluorescent Symbol in Autocad
Save your Files and Autosave Feature in Autocad
Understand how to Add layers in Autocad
Switch and Create AutoCad Classic Mode and Workspace
Learn about Different Electrical Drawings
Understand different Lighting Situations
Understand Different Steps of Project Design
Understand the Requirements of Good Lighting and its Importance
Learn Important Definitions about Lighting
Understand the Interior Design using Dialux
Create Rooms in Dialux
Understand how to Use Catalogs of Luminaries and Add Photo-metric Data
Learn how to add Luminaries to Each room
Know Different Lux or Lumination Required for each Room
Understand the Light Scenes and Control Groups
Learn how to do Normal Lighting and Emergency Lighting
Learn how to Export Dwg and PDF Report in Dialux
Understand how to Do the Wiring of Luminaries using Autocad
Understand Difference between Normal and Power Sockets
Understand how to Add sockets in Autocad
Understand how to do the Wiring of Sockets
Understand difference between maintenance and utilization factors
Understand different lighting schemes
Do block and explode commands in Autocad
Do move and scale commands in Autocad
Do move and fillet commands in Autocad
Do rotate and mirror commands in Autocad
Do area calculation in Autocad
Add layers in Autocad
Understand different lighting schemes
Do the manual calculation for lighting
Learn how to do the panel schedule
Understand the circuit breakers and how to select them
Learn about cables and how to select them
Understand how to find the voltage drop and short circuit analysis using ETAP
Learn how to draw riser of building and the single line diagram for system
You should have a Computer or Laptop
You should have an Internet connection for Dialux and Autocad Download
own course for "Complete electrical design drawing using Autocad and Dialux" for electrical power engineers.
This course is important for electrical power engineers who wants to work in the Distribution field, this will guide you from zero even if you don’t know anything.
So what are we going to learn in this course ?
In this course we are going to learn all of the basic tools and Commands required by Electrical power engineers in Autocad, also we will learn all of the basic Definitions about Lighting .
We will differentiate between Different Types of Electrical Drawing,Different Lighting schemes and Lighting Situations.
We will learn about requirements for Good lighting Scheme, Maintenance and Utilization factors.
We will get an overview to the Steps we are going to use for Lighting Design also we will understand how to use catalogs and photo-metric data in Dialux.
We will learn how to do the Manual Calculation for Lighting instead of Dialux.
We will start Interior Design Drawing by Taking a Factory floor and start creating rooms in Dialux then add luminaries to each of these rooms according to the Lux of Each room, we start creating control groups and add them to Emergency and Normal Light scenes then we will check the Lux and Export DWG Files.
We will start Wiring using Autocad and connect the Luminaries with Wires and connect to panel.
Then we will add sockets normal and power sockets, do the wiring for them and connect them to the Panel.
We will start doing the panel schedule for our project.

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