Complete Electrical Machines For Electrical Engineering

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Learn everything about electric machines as DC,synchronous and induction machine, also transformer and magnetic circuit.

Understand the Great Importance of Transformers
Understand why are the Transformers backbone of Power System
Understand the Importance of Iron Core
Learn about the Magnetic Circuit represented by the Core
Understand the Construction of the Windings in Transformer and how they are put inside the Core
Get the Reason for Using Copper for the Windings
Classify the Windings according to different categories
Understand the Function of Insulating Material and Transformer Oil
Realize the Importance of the Conservator in Transformer
Understand how Breather Remove the moisture and Why?
Realize how Important the Bushings for Human Safety
Understand the Importance of Tap changer and its effect on Load Variation
Realize the Benefit of Cooling Tubes for Oil
Understand how Important is the Buchholz Relay in Transformer
Realize benefit of the Explosion Vents to protect Transformer from Explosion.
Differentiate between Different Methods of Cooling of Transformer and Their Corresponding Power Rating
Understand the Different Types of Transformers as Power and Distribution Transformers
Understand the Difference between Single Phase Core and Shell Type Transformers
Understand the Difference between Three Phase Core and Shell Type Transformers​
Compare between the Shell Type and Core Type Transformers
Understand the Theory of Operation of Transformer
Differentiate between Ideal and Non Ideal Transformers
Realize the Effect of Loading on Transformer
Understand the Transformer Regulation and Efficiency
Learn about Different Losses occurring in Transformer
Understand the Meaning of Transformer Rating
Understand the Voltage relation in Transformer
Differentiate between Approximate and Exact Equivalent Circuits of Transformer
Understand the Concept of Referring in Transformer
Learn Solved Example on Transformer
Understand the Importance of the Magnetic circuit and its application like Transformer.
Learn about the difference between Linear and non Linear Materials .
Understand the Important Definitions of Magnetic Circuits.
learn about the Flux Linkage and Reluctance.
Understand the Analogy between the Magnetic and Electric Circuits
learn about Induced EMF and Current.
Solve Examples on the Magnetic Circuit.
Understand the Fringing Effect.
Use Ampere Right Hand Rule or screw Rule.
Importance and construction of DC machines.
Armature Winding And EMF Equation.
Separately Excited DC Machine.
Shunt And Series DC Machines.
Types And Applications Of Compound DC Motors.
Torque-Speed Characteristics And Speed Control Of Separately Excited DC Motor.
Torque-Speed Characteristics Of Series DC Motor.
Starting Of DC Machine.
Losses In DC Machines.
Dozens Of Solved Examples On All Types Of DC Machines.
Construction And Principle Of Operation Of Synchronous Generator.
Principle Of Operation Of Synchronous Motor.
Equivalent Circuit And Phasor Diagram Of Non Salient Synchronous Machine.
Equivalent Circuit And Phasor Diagram Of Salient Synchronous Machine.
Parallel Operation Of Two Generators.
Synchronization Of Machine With Grid.
Dozens Of Solved Examples On Synchronous Machines Salient And Non Salient.
Construction And Theory Of Operation Of Induction Machines.
Equivalent Circuit And Power Flow In Induction Motor.
Torque-Speed Characteristics Of Induction Motor.
Methods Of Speed Control Of Induction Motor.
Methods Of Starting Induction Motor.
Principle Of Operation Of Doubly Fed Induction Generator.
Self Excited Induction Generator.
Dozens Of Solved Examples On Induction Machines.
Must have knowledge about Fundamentals of Electric Circuits or taken my course for Electric Circuits to understand the analysis of circuits.
own course "Complete Electrical Machines For Electrical Power Engineering"
This course is divided into 4 courses together as a bundle for you.
First part is about "DC Machines"

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