Complete Generation Course for Electrical Power Engineering

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Course for electrical engineering student who wants to know about generating power stations in electrical power system.

What you’ll learn
Learn Principle of Operation of Synchronous Generator
Understand Principle of Operation of double fed induciton generator
Learn about Types of Synchronous Generators
Understand the difference between synchronous machine and induction machines.
Understand the Principle of Operation of Induction Motor
Learn about the Self Excited induction generator
Learn about Types of Induction Machine rotor
Learn about Different Generating Power Plants.
Learn about the Hydro Electric Power Plant and its Types.
Learn about the Advantages and disadvantages of Hydro Electric Power Plant.
Learn about Nuclear Power Plants and their Construction.
Learn about the importance of Diesel Power Plant.
Understand the importance of electricity
Understand the definition of generation
Learn about Construction of Fossil Fuel power plant.
Understand the Environmental Issues of Fossil Fuels Power Plant.
Learn about Geothermal Power Plant and its types.
Understand Construction of Wind Turbines.
Learn Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Turbines.
Learn about Solar Thermal Energy and its types.
Compare between different Sources according to their costs.
Compare between different Sources according to their Ramp time and Run time.
Understand different Characteristics affecting Generators .
Understand Dispatchability of Power Plants.
Understand the Load Demand curve and factors affecting selection of Power Plants.
Just Passion and Patience for Learning.
course for electricity generation , in this course we are going to discuss how the electricity is generated, the different types of electric generators.
We will also discuss the types of induction machines and their principle of operation, we will also discuss the synchronous machines and their principle of operation.
We are going to learn about different Generating power plants as Hydro-electric , wind ,solar thermal ,geothermal ,nuclear and Fossil Fuel power plants.
We will discuss the different types in each one of these power stations,their advantages and disadvantages.
We will compare between different generating power plants according to their running and fixed costs,their typical ramp and run time.
also the principle of operation of each of generating power plants.
We will discuss the Load demand and how the generating power station chosen according to their dispatchability .
In the end we will have a good summary for the course so you can collect the information in your brain easily.
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn about Electrical Engineering Power Systems.
Anyone who wants to learn about Electrical Generating Power Stations.

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