Data Structures & Algorithms: Part 1

Data Structures & Algorithms: Part 1
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Studied Computer Science – but never really understood the complex topic of data structures and algorithms?

Or maybe you’re a self-taught programmer, with little to no knowledge of this important topic.

Or perhaps you failed a job interview because you couldn’t answer basic data structure and algorithm questions.

So, why are data structures so important these days?

Data structures and algorithms are patterns for solving problems. Developers who know more about data structures and algorithms are better at solving problems. That’s why companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon always include interview questions on data structures and algorithms. They want to assess your problem-solving skills. They don’t care how many programming languages and frameworks you’re familiar with.

A complex topic made simple
That’s why I made this course. I want to demystify data structures and algorithms once and for all.

I remember being hopelessly confused when my college lecturer tried to teach it, many moons ago. So I had to teach myself. Now I’m an expert on the topic, and I want to save you the dozens of hours I wasted at the library trying to wrap my head around it.

Packed with the most popular interview questions and step-by-step solutions

By the end of this course.
You’ll be able to:

Ace your next coding interview
Write better, faster code
Become a better developer
Improve your problem solving skills
Master computer science fundamentals
Implement all the essential data structures from scratch
Master dozens of popular algorithms
What you’re going to learn
This course is the first of a series. In this part, we’ll be focusing on linear data structures. Part 2 is all about trees and graphs. Part 3 is about searching and sorting algorithms.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in the first part:

The Big O notation
Linked Lists
Hash Tables

This is the most comprehensive data structures and algorithms series online. Every example and exercise is picked from popular interview questions asked by Google, Microsoft, Amazon and other big companies.

Who is this course for?

Anyone preparing for a coding job interview
Computer science students whose lecturers failed to explain the topics
Self-taught developers who missed out on a computer science degree
Anyone who wants to become a better developer
In this course, I use Java to teach the concepts but you can apply these concepts in any programming language. Our focus is on data structures and algorithms, not programming languages and tools.

All you need to take this course are some basic programming skills. If you know variables, loops, and conditional statements, you’re good. If you need a quick refresher to get up to speed with Java syntax, you can watch the first part of my Java series.

You don’t need any experience with data structures or algorithms.

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