Excessive Immigration And Britain’s Colourful Dystopian Sunset

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Descirption: As anti-racist and open-bordershysteria reaches a crescendo in Britain, the shy tide of resistanceis finally turning.
By now we are all used to theheadlines about terrorist incidents, grooming gangs and illegalimmigration. It has been virtually taboo to openly question thesedevelopments, but the growing problems that they bring in crime,education, housing and health can no longer be ignored.
In Excessive Immigration,Winston C. Banks joins the dots between events and headlines,and reveals the systemic and dangerous subversion of traditionalBritish culture – indeed of European and Western civilisation -by carefully examining the phenomena of anti-Semitism, racism,Islamophobia and Brexit, and challenging the predominantly leftistacademic establishment that has suppressed these inconvenient truths.
If you suspect you have been lied to,that your own observations and opinions about these vital topics areroutinely and unfairly mocked, and that free speech in Britain isunder threat, this ground-breaking text is for you.

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