Flat, Fluid, and Fast by Brynne Kennedy

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Descirption: Capitalize on the radical new realities of artificial intelligence, changing demographics, and the explosion of the freelance economy
In just a few short years, employee mobility will be an imperative for every business, as millions of jobs disappear practically overnight-victims of artificial intelligence and automation – and new jobs are created. The competition for talent will be fierce, and you’re going to have to make major changes in the ways you hire, manage, and retain top performers.
Flat, Fluid, and Fast delivers the tactics and strategies you need to create a disruption-proof company during the talent mobility revolution. It walks you through the entire process, providing expert advice on new ways to:

• Draw top talent to your company
• Implement new training programs
• Create employee mobility plans
• Design innovative career paths for staff
• Leverage contractors and other freelance workers
• Operate an adaptable organization for long-term success
• Understand policies to support this new world of work across America

Flat, Fluid, and Fast takes you beyond merely surviving the coming change. It equips you to seize the opportunities this change affords, to beat out the competition, and to become the dominant player in your industry. And, it equips everyone in America to understand the government policies that are needed to unleash growth, create new jobs and support all workers amid this radical new world of work.
The talent mobility revolution is around the corner. Use this peerless resource to plan and build now-so when the workplace of tomorrow becomes the workplace of your company and career is already flat, fluid, and fast.

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