Git Essentials Second Edition

English | ISBN: 1787120724 | 2017 | EPUB | 192 pages | 3,8 MB

Key Features
Master all the basic concepts of Git to protect your code and make it easier to evolve
Use Git proficiently, and learn how to resolve day-by-day challenges easily
This step-by-step guide is packed with examples to help you learn and work with Git’s internals
Book Description
Since its inception, Git has attracted skilled developers due to its robust, powerful, and reliable features. Its incredibly fast branching ability transformed a piece of code from a niche tool for Linux Kernel developers into a mainstream distributed versioning system. Like most powerful tools, Git can be hard to approach since it has a lot of commands, subcommands, and options that easily confuse newcomers.

The 2nd edition of this very successful book will help you overcome this fear and become adept in all the basic tasks in Git. Building upon the success of the first book, we start with a brief step-by-step installation guide; after this, you’ll delve into the essentials of Git. For those of you who have bought the first edition, this time we go into internals in far greater depth, talking less about theory and using much more practical examples.

The book serves as a primer for topics to follow, such as branching and merging, creating and managing a GitHub personal repository, and fork and pull requests. You’ll then learn the art of cherry-picking, taking only the commits you want, followed by Git blame. Finally, we’ll see how to interoperate with a Subversion server, covering the concepts and commands needed to convert an SVN repository into a Git repository.

To conclude, this is a collection of resources, links, and appendices to satisfy even the most curious.

What you will learn
Master Git fundamentals
Be able to "visualize," even with the help of a valid GUI tool
Write principal commands in a shell
Figure out the right strategy to run change your daily work with few or no annoyances
Explore the tools used to migrate to Git from the Subversion versioning system without losing your development history
Plan new projects and repositories with ease, using online services, or local network resourcesPlease check my blog to get more stuff every day!

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