Gumroad Houdini Procedural Lake Houses Volume 5

Gumroad – Houdini Procedural Lake Houses Volume 5
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About this Volume
In these tutorial series, we will be creating procedural lake houses in Houdini all the way from generating the main silhouette to creating the final shaders and placing set dressing.

Volume 5 – Chapter 4 (Final)

In the last Volume of the series, we will focus on three main topics, which are giving our building a crooked look to give it additional character, creating a procedural pier with layered wood and shading our building. We will learn how to deform the generated geometry with the constraints that satisfy our goals and produce a fully procedural pier geometry. We will create our custom materials with Houdini Material Builder network, where we will take into account the parameters of our procedural network as well as we will touch on the subject of rendering, for which we will be using Mantra.

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