Improve Your Concept Art With Reference Photos

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See how to Easily Build Your Own Concept Art Reference Photos Library and Start Making Amazing Art Today!

Ever wondered where concept art matte painters get inspiration for their amazing compositions? Psst.we’ll let in into a little secret – it’s all about building your own reference photo library!
In this seven-part video course, you’ll see how professional concept artists use a wide range of different photos to help them create the epic scenery in games, movies and other popular forms of digital art.
Follow along from the start, and see how to build your own reference photo library to help you get the same epic results.
But that’s not all you’re about to learn.
You’ll also get the skills to evaluate reference photos and make sure you’re choosing the right ones for your project. It’s amazing how the tiny details can make all the difference here.
For example, that painting of a barren, sci-fi landscape just won’t look right with areas of lush, green vegetation growing on the rocks. Or, that painting of a mountain range in India could look strange if the trees and plants don’t seem to belong there.
But don’t worry – we’ve taken all the sticking points and turned them into a series of easy-to-follow videos to help you get great results fast.
With just a few of these professional tips and techniques up your sleeve, you’ll soon be experimenting with creating fantastic landscapes of your own. And, you’ll see how studying reference photos can help you continually improve as an artist.
Here’s what you’ll get from watching this video course:
All the info you need to create your own reference library
How to find the images you need quickly online
How to blend elements of different reference photos together to create any landscape you want
What to avoid when putting elements of your painting together
Concept art painting techniques that don’t require any special brushes or complicated techniques
How to study reference photos to keep improving as an artist

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