Interior Design For Concept Art Pt2 Learn how to Use 3D Software for Awesome Interiors

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Interior Design for Concept Art Pt2 – Learn how to use 3D software to construct a room in perfect perspective!

Interior Design For Concept Art Pt2 – Learn How to Use 3D Software for Great Results in Your Digital Art

Want to learn how to use 3D software?
In Part Two of this new 3-part course, ReelFX development artist, Cathleen McAllister, shows you how to use 3D software to construct a room based on the sketches you developed in Part One.
You’ll learn how to quickly find your way around whichever 3D software you use, and how to build upon your initial ideas to create a solid foundation for a finished digital painting.
Don’t worry if you’ve never used 3D software before – it’s nowhere near as complex as it looks.
Plus, there are plenty of awesome free programs to choose from, and a wide range of tutorials to help you learn the ropes.
And, as you watch Cathleen work, you’ll get a fascinating insight into the whole creative process and discover just how much fun you can have with 3D modeling and creating environments for your characters.
In Interior Design for Artists Part Two, You’ll learn:
How to use 3D software to construct an interior scene from start to finish
How to build each element of your room using basic shapes
How to use your 3D model as a basis for a finished digital painting
After watching this second course on interior design for concept art, you’ll have another new digital art skill at your fingertips.
Just think.
No more worrying about whether the perspective of your interior scene looks right – it’s all taken care of thanks to your new 3D modeling skills!
And, when you’re ready to start work on rendering your digital interior painting in part three, you’ll already have all the important parts of your composition all worked out.

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