Intro to Color Theory for Beginner Artists

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Ever wondered how to understand color theory?

Begin Mastering Color Theory with a Complete Understanding of the Basics
Maybe you’ve tried before but didn’t know where to start? In this series, Kirbi Fagan gives you the full lowdown on this essential art skill in nine fun, easy-to-follow videos!
As a professional artist and illustrator, Kirbi knows plenty about color theory and how it can be used to add depth to paintings and create realistic color transitions. Now, she’s passing on her extensive knowledge to you in a way that will help you learn fast and get great results.
You may have been put off by complicated concepts in text books and dull videos on other sites in the past, but this completely new series will change the way you see color theory and make you realize it really isn’t all that tricky after all!
So, if you’re ready to add a professional edge to your artwork and explore the fascinating world of color theory under the expert and entertaining tuition of Kirbi Fagan, read on!
After watching this series, you’ll have solved the mystery of how to understand color theory once and for all! And, even better, you’ll be able to apply your professional new skills to everything you paint.
Learning how to mix colors is great fun and with Kirbi’s help, you’ll soon be able to mix just the right shades on your palette. So, pick up those brushes, squeeze some color from your tubes and let’s get started!
Main Takeaways from this Course:
How the color wheel works
What complementary colors are and how to use them
What ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ colors are
How to make objects appear in the foreground or recede into the distance
How to mix colors to create any shade you want
How to apply what you’ve learned to create a perfect portrait painting

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