Introduction to Classical Animation Techniques

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Even in this age of Pixar and Dreamworks, there’s still a huge demand for the look of traditional, hand-drawn animations.

Learn a Range of Simple Classical Animation Techniques to Create Your Own Moving Pictures
And we think you’ll agree there’s a certain charm to traditional animation that you just can’t recreate with digital.
So in this easy-to-follow course with professional animator, Ryan Slater, you’ll learn exactly how it’s done.
And the best part?
You only need pencils, paper, and a peg bar to get started! (And if you’re wondering what a peg bar is, it’s an inexpensive piece of plastic which holds your sheets of paper together).
This fun course gives you a complete introduction to classical animation techniques.
Ryan explains a range of tried-and-tested animation techniques in detail, such as ‘squash and stretch’ and ‘slow in and slow out’.
So you’ll soon be impressing your friends and family with your new-found animation skills
You’ll learn:
Basic Classical Animation Techniques which you can use again and again
How to create an animation of a bouncing ball
How to create smooth transitions and realistic action
How to create your own animation of a jumping flour sack! (Because why not?)
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So are you ready to learn the exact same classical animation techniques as used in some of the most popular animated movies of all time?
We’re thinking classic Disney, Studio Ghibli, Hanna Barbara, or just about any hand-drawn animation you can think of. We’re talking about techniques which have been passed down through generations of artists and enjoyed by generations of families and friends.

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