Introduction to SAP Integrations for .NET Developers

Introduction to SAP Integration for .NET Developers
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There are many ways to integrate applications with SAP, but it’s possible to do it without costly extras, leveraging only the features built into SAP. This course will cover the SAP features that make all integration possible, and how to use them to integrate .

NET applications to SAP. It explores Idocs, RFCs, BAPIs, and BDC transactions, as well as how to access the SAP database.
Exploring SAP Features
Introduction 4m
SAP Architecture and SAP Teams 2m
Integration Scenarios 1m
SAP GUI Intro 2m
SAP System Info 1m
SAP Authorizations 3m
SAP Default Data Formats 1m
Useful SAP T-code Demos 3m
SAP Program Source Code 1m
Obtaining Database Info for Data Fields 3m
Summary 2m
SAP Tables, Structures, and Data Types
The SAP Data Dictionary 2m
SAP Data Types 2m
Demo: Finding and Exploring Tables 4m
Demo: Exploring Tables 2m
Demo: Extracting Table Data 1m
Demo: Table Selection Screen Variant 2m
Demo: Table Indexes 2m
Demo: Learning More About SAP Tables and Summary 3m
SAP Idocs
Intro – Idocs 1m
Idocs: Finding Them 1m
Transporting Idocs Into and Out of SAP 4m
Types of Idoc files 3m
Demo – Finding Idocs 2m
Demo – Idoc Control Records 1m
Demo WE20 – Partner Profiles 2m
Demo WE21 – ALE Ports 3m
Demo SM59 – RFC Destinations 3m
Demo SMGW – Gateway Monitor 1m
Demo – More on Idoc Control Records 1m
Demo WE02 – Idoc Data and Status Records 3m
Demo WE09 – Finding Idocs 1m
Demo BD87 – Idoc Processing 2m
Demo WE19 – Idoc Test Tool 1m
Transactional RFC Process and SM58 Demo 4m
Demo Idoc File Output Configuration 2m
Demo Idoc File Output – Flat and XML 4m
Demo WE60 – Idoc Documentation and Schemas 4m
Demo .NET Idoc Receiver Application Development 8m
SAP Security Settings for Registered Applications 1m
Demo Inbound Idocs 4m
Inbound Idoc Requirements 1m
Demo .NET Idoc Sender Application Development 8m
ERPConnect and SAP .Net Connector 1m
Summary 3m
SAP BAPIs and Function Modules
Definitions: BAPI and Function Module 1m
Demo: Intro to the Function Builder (SE37) 2m
Demo: Function Module Parameters: Import 2m
Demo: Function Module Parameters: Export and Tables 2m
Demo: Function Module Status Response 2m
Demo: Function Module Source Code 1m
Demo: Locating a Function Module 2m
Demo: BAPI Browser Introduction 3m
Demo: Function Module Testing in SAP 1m
Demo: Function Module Testing Continued 2m
Demo: Function Module Execution From .NET With NCO 6m
Demo: Function Module Execution From .NET With ERPConnect 4m
Demo: Adding FM Parameters to .NET Application 7m
Demo: RFC_READ_TABLE Function Module 4m
Demo: .NET Application Sending IDocs Using NCO 3m
Demo: .NET Application Sending IDocs Using NCO Part 2 2m
Demo: .NET Application Sending IDocs Using NCO Part 3 4m
SAP User ID Types for External Applications 3m
.NET Demo: Pulling It All Together 6m
Summary 1m
Introduction to BDC 1m
What Can I Do With BDC? 1m
BDC Code Fields 2m
BDC_OKCODEs and Intro to SHDB 2m
SHDB: The Transaction Recorder 4m
Understanding BDC Code 2m
Demo: .NET Application to Execute BDC Part 1 8m
Demo: .NET Application to Execute BDC Part 2 5m
Understanding BDC Response Messages 3m
Demo: Building Complete Response Messages 10m
BDC Performance 1m
Summary 2m
Course Summary 1m

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