Jeff McErlain’s Blues Rock Evolution

Jeff McErlain’s Blues-Rock Evolution
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Modern blues rock rhythm, soloing and improvisational techniques

New York guitarist, producer and top-notch educator Jeff McErlain shows you how to pull your blues apart and put them back together again so they’re hotter, more fluid and far more exciting to play. Blues has been evolving since before Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf cut their first sides, and Jeff delves deep into the fretboard to reveal the genetic code and evolution of blues-based rockers from Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix to David Grissom, Scott Henderson and Michael Landau, revealing more than just a few of his own favorite innovations along the way.

With Blues-Rock Evolution, you’ll learn how to apply the Mixolydian and Dorian modes to blues, discover how double-stops and the open position can fire up your playing, score dozens of moves to accelerate your rhythm playing, find out how the vibrato bar can lend depth and emotion to your soloing, work with updated techniques for hybrid grip picking, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and double-stop bends, and get a serious education in achieving great tone out of your rig.

If you play blues or rock or both, you know how important it is to develop your own voice on the guitar. Blues-Rock Evolution gives you the knowledge to take the next step in your own evolution as a musician.

Five blues rock instrumentals are broken up into four rhythm and four solo lessons. 40 video lessons in all.

1. The rhythm lessons demonstrate the parts, then presents variations, extra licks and voicings.

2. The solo lessons demonstrate the solos, then breaks them down note-by-note, with several variations.

3. Each pair of lessons (rhythm and solo) feature a corresponding backing track to practice over.

4. Text descriptions provide overviews of the tune along with background on the style and technique employed.

5. Interactive Guitar Pro files are included so you can see, hear and slow down tablature and notation.

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