MasterClass Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball Handling, and Scoring

MasterClass – Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring
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Stephen Curry teaches how to throw the ball into the basket and shows the techniques of dribbling the ball

Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring

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Description: Stephen was hardly accepted by the college coach. And today he is a two-time champion and one of the best attackers in NBA history. Join Stephen on the site in his very first online course, he will teach you how to improve your attack mechanics, and show you how to control the ball, kick your legs and score. Then watch the game through Stephen’s eyes as he analyzes footage of NBA games to help you boost your basketball IQ.

01. Introduction: Write your own story Get to know Stephen. The two-time "Most Valuable NBA Player" begins his lesson by sharing the two turning points in his personal transformation from the "nervous" reserve player to the NBA champion.

02. Throw: position, alignment and mechanics Stephen reveals his attack techniques and shares some common mistakes that attackers should avoid.

03. The practice of forming an attack Now that you have the skills of mechanics, Stephenn teaches you to practice them every day on the site.

04. Throwing from the clutch The ability to work with the ball after you have received it will improve your mechanics and give you the opportunity to score at any time. This is how Stephen throws when he receives a pass.

05. Dribbling: the basics The best way to become a good striker is to learn how to dribble better. Stephen shows you his way to learn how to dribble.

06. Throw after the pass – Part 1 As soon as you have a solid foundation for dribbling and throwing the ball, it’s time to start combining them. Stephen teaches how to throw the ball and dribble and how to pick up the ball and throw right away.

07. Dribbling: on the move Now that you easily use the dribbling techniques, Stephen teaches you what to remember when you get the ball in motion.

08. Throwing after a pass – Part 2 Stephen includes moving and kicking when throwing a dribbling ball, teaching you more sophisticated ways to become a dynamic player.

09. Creating space for your defender With the help of his partner, Brandon, Stephen shows some ideas for passing the defender and creating a place for an open throw.

10. Video: creating space and defeating the defender. Illustrating the ideas from the previous chapter with real-life game scenarios, Stephen talks about clogging moves and shows how his techniques work on the site.

11. Ball blocking Each player must work to improve the ball blocking skill. Stephen shares strategies and practical tips for completing the perfect ball screen.

12. Video: blocking the ball While watching the video with the game, Stephen talks about blocking the ball from the previous chapter and teaches what you need to pay attention to.

13. To hammer in a ring With an emphasis on ball defense, shots close to the ring and floaters, Stephen reveals his throwing technique in the ring, both in practice and in games.

14. Curl, Pop and Fade Curl, pop and fade – these are several methods for scoring the ball when leaving the barrier without without the ball. Stephen teaches you how to beat the defender and score as soon as the ball falls into your hands.

15. Goal control: reloading Stephen teaches you his approach to reloading with two basketballs and one tennis ball to help you move the ball more confidently and make quick decisions in games.

16. Preparing for the game Stephen shows you how to mentally prepare for the competition, what training to warm up you can use before the games to better control the ball.

17. Conclusion: The journey to excellence Stephen finishes his lesson and prepares you to continue your journey, recalling that you always love what you do, be your biggest fan of your work and push yourself to develop your potential.

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