NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course (Expert Level)

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Achology Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Certificate Course | NLP Master Practitioner (NLPMP)

What you’ll learn
This life-transforming course will enable you to become an Achology qualified NLP Master Practitioner and gain profound insights into how personal transformation can occur on a values, identity and beliefs level.
Take this course to receive a deep understanding of the advanced concepts and principles of NLP, and recognise the habits, thought patterns and limiting strategies that hold people back from achieving their full potential.
Learn advanced NLP techniques that can be used to transform your own life and the lives of those around you. Whether this is in business, leadership or coaching, the NLP Master Practitioner course will take your understanding of NLP to a whole new level.
Building on your existing NLP knowledge, this course will guide you through the Achology ‘Core Identity Coaching Model’ as well as Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. You’ll learn how to recognise flawed thinking and use cognitive restructuring to modify thought patterns.
The ‘Meta Model’ is covered in the course. This coaching tool helps you get to the root core of an issue, really understand someone’s viewpoint or model of the world, and gain insight into someone else’s way of thinking.
Timeline Interventions will enable you to lead your clients in reviewing their past experiences and future expectations. This robust process can modify negative associations and also install new empowering self-beliefs.
The NLP Master Practitioner Course gives an in-depth explanation of NLP timelines and many ways you can use this technique to help a client reach their desired goals.
Be introduced to humanistic neuro-linguistic psychology, advanced presuppositions, our multi-dimensional thought processes and how they are conveyed through our use of language.
IMMEDIATE ACTION: Use the many downloadable NLP Master Practitioner resources that are provided in the course with other people right away.
PLUS: Get access to our excellent online support community where you can practice your newfound NLP Master Practitioner skills today!

NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training do not derive from a universal syllabus, so to gain Maximum Benefit from this course, Please Complete the ACHOLOGY NLP PRACTITIONER Course before studying this.
This 30-hour training course can be completed in your own time at your own pace. We advise that you allow up to three months to achieve.
Many self-reflective ideas are presented throughout the course, and as such students are encouraged to undertake personal journaling (this is for self-reflection only and isn’t required for submission).
Study the full NLP Master Practitioner Course from the comfort of your own home, favourite cafe, or anywhere and at any time. You can access your course lessons from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
NLP Master Practitioner applications stretch across a wide range of life areas and can be adapted for all circumstances in both personal and professional use.
Take this course to gain an expert level understanding of the core principles and practices of NLP. Step-by-step procedures will be presented to you via the broad range of live demonstrations and exercises.
NLP Master Practitioner training further develops the insights you gained in the Achology certified NLP Practitioner Course, showing you the core of what lies beneath the surface.
A broad range of additional course materials is also provided that will make this NLP Practitioner course enlightening, fascinating and enjoyable.

Who this course is for?
This course will complement existing NLP Practitioners who have already completed the Achology Certified NLP Practitioner course (from the same instructor).
Life Coaches, multi-disciplinary practitioners and therapists who wish to revise their NLP knowledge and improve their NLP communication skills.
This NLP Master Practitioner training will offer an excellent basis for those who want to participate in an NLP Master Practitioner attendance course.
NLP Master Practitioners often consist of alternative therapists, teachers, managers, leadership teams, industry leaders, health professionals, parents and professional communicators/business people.
This course will suit those who are passionate about people and want to make a difference by helping people achieve more significant results in life.
Existing NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners who wish to revise and refine their understanding of advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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