Of Markets & MenA Visual Introduction to Austrian Economics

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The study of real choices made by real people as the only way to make economic sense of the world in which we live.

What you’ll learn
Understand human behavior as it relates to economics
Apply understanding to your own life
Enjoy and understand economics more than you ever expected

Desire to learn

If you want to better understand human behavior and the economic consequences of it, or if you want to take more control of decisions in your own life, you should have a solid understanding of economics.

Human beings are not robots or mindless automatons, and thus our behaviors cannot be predicted with mathematical formulas, so methods of physical sciences are not appropriate to explain human activity. That is why your previous economic study was probably meaningless to you and why you might run away from this subject like a building on fire.

In contrast, Austrian economics fits nicely with common sense and the reality of everyday human behavior on the ground, and it is easy for the average person to understand. Conventional economics deals much more in the abstract and artificial, and only is meaningful to advanced practitioners. If economics is the study of human behavior, what kind of economics can’t be understood by the average person?

Correct choices taken in the real world are important to your well-being, and when you finally understand proper economic principles, the world will make more sense to you in an exhilarating way. You will see things more clearly and think more independently.

In these times, economic understanding is more important than ever and knowing how things really work is priceless. That’s why this course is packed with value.

Who this course is for?
Curious minds of any age
Homeschooling students and families
University level business students
Young people concerned about their economic futures


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