Packt Ethical Hacking for the Everyday Developer

Packt Ethical Hacking for the Everyday Developer
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Category: HACKING
Detect security flaws and vulnerabilities to ensure the security of your app/system
● Exploit these vulnerabilities in different security parameters and tackle them efficiently.
● Prevent SQL injection attacks and secure your application database systems
● Deal with Cross-site scripting and Cross-site request Forgery attacks which can affect your websites;
● Detect flaws in your authentication sessions and mitigate them to ensure better security
● Detect sensitive data exposure of your applications and protect it using the right techniques.
● Advise organizations about these vulnerabilities and help them with prevention measures.
Security is the foremost concern for all organizations both big and small. The movement toward the cloud and virtualization has led to an increased level of threats and thus a demand for Ethical Hackers. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to extend your skills as a developer with Ethical Hacking techniques and enhance the security of your applications.

The course starts by explaining what application security is and the various threats it faces. We then highlight vulnerabilities that impact organizations the most and emphasize fairly common attacks.

You will deal with the basis of the problem: the application itself. In this hands-on tutorial, each section teaches you specific Ethical Hacking techniques with practical examples. You will learn how to detect SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks and ways to mitigate them easily. We will also explore various ways to avoid cyber attacks and ensure data security.

By the end of the course, you will understand major web application attacks and how to mitigate them via secure practices.

Quick insights into the most common attacks in the real world and how these attacks are performed.
Prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your organization’s valuable data
Work on a wide range of solution/mitigation techniques to ensure better system security

Course Length 3 hours 0 minutes ISBN 9781789135695 Date Of Publication 31 May 2019

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