Boundless Awareness A Loving Path to Spiritual Awakening and Freedom from Suffering

Boundless Awareness: A Loving Path to Spiritual Awakening and Freedom from Suffering by Michael A. Rodriguez
English | April 1st, 2018 | ISBN: 1684030676, 9781684030675 | 210 Pages | True PDF | 6.20 MB
Suffering is part of the human experience, and everyone in the world is seeking relief. But there is something greater, something that we all share, indeed something that we all are, that can alleviate that pain: it is the formless presence-the loving, boundless awareness-at the heart of all experience. This book cuts through the esotericism surrounding spiritual awakening to help you realize your true nature and show you how to integrate that realization into everyday life.


Mapping Biology Knowledge

Mapping Biology Knowledge By Kathleen M. Fisher
English | PDF | 2002 | 216 Pages | ISBN : 0792365755 | 4.01 MB
Mapping Biology Knowledge addresses two key topics in the context of biology, promoting meaningful learning and knowledge mapping as a strategy for achieving this goal. Meaning-making and meaning-building are examined from multiple perspectives throughout the book. In many biology courses, students become so mired in detail that they fail to grasp the big picture.


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