React Native Blueprints

English | ISBN: 1787288099 | 2017 | EPUB | 399 pages | 17,8 MB

Key Features
Enrich your mobile development experience by gaining hands-on knowledge of React Native
Learn to build professional Android and iOS applications with your javascript skills
Use Isomorphic prinicples to build mobile apps offering native user experience
Book Description
Looking at the success of React framework, Facebook has recently introduced a new mobile development methodology named React Native. With React Native on board, you will be able to build native mobile applications using javascript making much more powerful, faster and interactive applications. React Native is a game-changing approach to hybrid mobile development.
Our book will have a project based approach consisting of 7-8 projects that will help developers to achieve sound understanding of the framework when it comes to building mobile apps with native user experience. Each project would be stand-alone

covering core techniques and concepts in each project. You will be building applications overing core APIs, UI, components, views, navigations and so on. You will be beginning with building simple applications like groceries list app, RSS Reader app to advanced apps like and image sharing app, guitar tuner app, a game and so on.

By the end of the book, you will be able to build professional Android and iOS applications using React native.

What you will learn
Structure React Native projects to ease the maintenance and extensibility
Optimize a project to speed up development
Make a React Native project production ready
Use external modules to speed up the development and maintenance of your projects
Explore the different UI and code patterns to be used for iOS and Android
Understand the best practices which can be used when building apps in React NativePlease check my blog to get more stuff every day!

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