Smithsonian Channel The Real Mad Men of Advertising (2017) 720p HDTV

Smithsonian Channel – The Real Mad Men of Advertising (2017) 720p HDTV
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The TV series "Mad Men" gave us a glimpse into the world of US advertising.

Ch 1. The 1950s
Now see how advertisements in the 1950s tantalised Americans with visions of futuristic homes and cars.

Ch 2. The 1960s
This was the era at the heart of the TV series ‘Mad Men’ when Madison Avenue tapped into the growing counter-cultural movement, using irreverence and wit, and changed advertising forever.

Ch 3. The 1970s
A golden age in America’s ad world, full of creativity and a love affair with non-conformity. But it was also fraught with new challenges, including a growing mistrust amongst consumers.

Ch 4. The 1980s
It’s the Reagan Era, and American political confidence fuels an era of heavy consumption. The creative geniuses on Madison Avenue find new ways of attracting a booming consumer spend.

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