Spanish Made Simple: Beginner Spanish

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Pronounce Spanish so you’ll be understood.

What you’ll learn

Meet and greet people
Carry on a conversation in Spanish
Be yourself in Spanish not just a memorization robot
Conjugate verbs in present, past and future tenses.
Speak Spanish around your home and at work.
Travel to a Spanish speaking country and be able to get around places such as: the airport, bus station, renting a car, hotel, asking for and understanding directions. and how to shop and buy stuff.
know the parts of speech and how to use them well.
You’ll need to be patient with yourself as learning any language isn’t easy.
Be committed to practice and/or study Spanish daily (I recommend minimum 15 min. per day)
You’ll need access to a computer, laptop or smart device with internet or data.
In this course you will build a solid foundation for Spanish by learning the basic key concepts of Spanish and then build upon those concepts and be conversational by the end of the course.
Become Conversational Using This Simplified Approach For Beginners Through Intermediate Level Spanish
Be understood by learning the correct way of pronunciation.
Learn how to have basic conversation with people
Learn to be yourself in Spanish and not just a memorization robot.
Learn how to master the conjugation of the simple past, present, and future tenses of verbs.
Learn travel Spanish ie. at the airport, renting a car, in the restaurant, getting directions
Be able to go anywhere and do anything where Spanish is required.
Enrich your life by opening the door to a new culture and be able to communicate with more than 400,000,000 more people worldwide.
Learning the Spanish Language is Vital
In our day, knowing more than one language is important and knowing Spanish is vital. Spanish is becoming more and more popular in English speaking countries, especially the U.S. Knowing Spanish has so many benefits: it gives you a competitive edge in the job market (I have met countless qualified people who didn’t get the job because they couldn’t speak Spanish), gives you the opportunity to be more cultured, travel to 22 more countries and speak their language, open up opportunities that didn’t exist before, and so much more. It might even spice up your life by marrying a latino or latina, like I did 🙂
Content and Overview
This course contains over 50 lectures and 2.5 hours of video with updated and added content added as needed. I’ve designed a simple step by step process which anyone can follow. It’s designed for the beginner and will take you to an intermediate level of Spanish where you’ll be conversational. (I’m in the process of creating the Advanced Spanish course that you’ll be able to graduate to if you desire to take your Spanish to another level.)
I didn’t learn Spanish until I was 20 yrs old and couldn’t speak a lick of it before then (well, I could count to 10 like most everyone else but that was it.) Because I didn’t grow up bilingual like most Spanish teachers did, I’m able to simplify the learning process for you and give you that perspective that others simply can’t because I’ve been in your shoes.
In this course, you will first learn "half the battle" of being fluent in Spanish and that is pronunciation. No matter how well you learn vocabulary, phrases, grammar, etc. if you can’t pronounce the words right you won’t be understood. Thus, pronunciation being half the battle.
Then you’ll learn basic meet and greet vocabulary and phrases. Memorization is important to learning Spanish but as you progress through the course you’ll learn why you’re saying what you’re saying and will be able to use those principles with any word or verb and in this way you’ll learn to be yourself in Spanish. Also, as part of your vocabulary building you will learn over 100 words in Spanish that you didn’t know you already knew!
Next, you’ll begin to learn simple parts of speech and how they work in Spanish. This is where you’ll begin to understand why you say what you say in Spanish. Vocabulary and quizzes are spread throughout the course to keep you constantly learning new words and phrases and to test your growing knowledge of the language.

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