SQL For Beginners Microsoft Beginner To Expert

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Practical Hands-on Real World SQL Skills

What you’ll learn
Extract and Read Data Using SELECT statements
Insert new data into database
Update existing data in a database
Delete data from a database
Understand Normalization
Extract Data from multiple tables using table joins
Filter data returned from a query
Sort data returned by a query
Group data returned by a query
Summarize data using aggregate functions
Build real world queries for business intelligence
Remove Duplicate Records

Windows based computer required to install SQL Server
Internet Access Required
Knowledge of basic database concepts useful but not mandatory

Data is everywhere and growing at a rapid rate. Most Software application we interact with daily deals with stored data . From our interaction with our banks to social media.

Due to the relevance and dependency on data , professionals that are skilled in SQL are always in high demand to help interact with various databases to help business intelligence and other sectors that relies on data.

This course will teach you from absolute beginner to expert so you can be confident with enough skills to build simple to complex queries to communicate and interact with databases.

SQL -Structured Query Language is an internationally recognised language used to communicate and manipulate various database systems.T-SQL – Transact SQL is Microsoft’s implementation of SQL. There are a lot of similarities between them but also proprietary parts that are specific to SQL Server.

We will be using Microsoft’s version of SQL ( T-SQL ) popularly referred to as T-Sequel with Microsoft SQL Server .

SQL Server is a relational database management system -RDBMS developed and owned by Microsoft.Thousands of companies all over the world use SQL Server for their data solution .

What You Will Learn include:

How to extract data from multiple Database Tables using Joins

How to insert new data into database with SQL

How to update existing data inside a database

How to delete data from a database

How to filter data

How to sort data

How to create and query views

How to build a stored procedure

How to use Aggregate functions to summarize returned data

How to group data

Who this course is for?
Beginners to Microsoft SQL ( T -SQL )
Beginner DBA ( Database Administrator)
Beginner Data Analyst
Beginner Data Scientist



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