The Prepper’s Guide to the End of the World

The Prepper’s Guide to the End of the World
by Robert Paine
English | 346 pages | EPUB | 388 KB December 20, 2014 | ASIN: B00OVFM1IE

Are You and Your Family Ready to Survive the Next Disaster?

Do you worry what would happen to your family in an emergency?

If so, then you need The Prepper’s Guide to the End of the World – now On Sale!

With this collection you’ll get eight best-selling guides covering dozens of different aspects of Prepping. Yes, you read that right. EIGHT guides! With tons of information for beginners all the way to seasoned preppers, this collection cannot be found anywhere else. Save $$ off the price of buying each book individually!

With The Prepper’s Guide to the End of the World, you’ll get the following eight guides:

Prepping 101: A Beginner’s Survival Guide: This guide will teach you the fundamental rules of basic survival for helping you and your family survive no matter the situation, all in simple terms that even the most novice of beginners can understand and implement.

Prepper’s Pantry: A Survival Food Guide: This guide is an excellent resource and foundational book that covers many topics of food preparation. Especially helpful for the seeker and the new-to-prepping, there are also many great ideas for even experienced preppers. This guide will show you how to determine your food needs, no matter how long you will be prepping for, and will discuss various methods of obtaining and storing food stockpiles.

The Nomad Prepper: A Guide to Mobile Survival: With The Nomad Prepper, you’ll learn the following:
– Discover if mobile survival is the best path for you and your family;
– Learn which items you should pack for your travels and the things you should avoid bringing with;
– Decide which tools you will need, depending on your location and how many people you are traveling and surviving with;
– Come to grips with the what, where, when and how mobile survival and nomad prepping can work for you and your family; and so much more!

Prepping with Children: A Family Survival Guide: In Prepping with Children, you’ll learn such important things as:
– How to Explain the Why and How of prepping to your children.
– Which survival skills are most important for children to learn.
– How to build a Bug Out Bag specifically for children.
– How to make prepping fun and how to get the most out of it, and much more!

Bugging In or Bugging Out?: This guide will teach you all about bugging out versus bugging in, including:
– The main differences between Bugging In and Bugging Out
– How to pack a Bug Out Bag for each member of your family, without going overboard.
– How to fortify your home and yourself for ultimate safety and protection, and much more!

The Urban Prepper: A City Survival Guide: This guide will teach you about prepping for survival in an urban situation, which is completely different than a rural one. Don’t be unprepared for city survival!

The Prepper’s Guide to Firearms: This guide will teach you the fundamental issues around having a firearm for survival. Be ready to protect yourself and your family, no matter what!

The Frugal Prepper: Survival on a Budget: The Frugal Prepper: Survival on a Budget will guide you and your family through the important steps and considerations that you need to begin prepping without spending a lot of money.

So grab The Prepper’s Guide to the End of the World today and get all 8 best-selling Prepper books and always be prepared!

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