The Quest: Maximizing Health and Wellness Through Spiritual Healing

Raphael Ferraro | 1985 | ISBN: 1894850408 | English | 78 pages | PDF | 5 MB

It is widely acknowledged that life is sustained and nurtured by a life force. Whether this life force is called an energy, power or substance does not matter as much as our particular relationship to this all omnipotent power. It has been recorded that where our relationship to this force is weak-resulting in an insufficient energy flow between us and it-sickness or poor health occurs; while where the energy flow is strong, health and wellness abound.

In life, one important task an individual can accomplish is to promote health and wellness for himself and others so that human potential may be achieved. This may be accomplished through a variety of methods and techniques, all of which aim to increase the life force to flow freely and abundantly so that its healing effects can be realized.

The goal of The Quest: Maximizing Health and Wellness Through Spiritual Healing is to obtain and utilize the power of God for the benefit of ourselves and others. Nor should our healing be restricted to this method, for spiritual healing-God’s creative and benevolent power working though us to heal-should complement the wondrous results often achieved by medicine, science and therapy. Spiritual healing can heal both the body and mind, and result in wellness: the experience of joy, contentment and elation brought about through the awakening of the core of our being-the spirit.

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