Use Machine Learning to Make Apps and AI to Detect Fraud

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Build 5 massive projects! ​​Build neuron functions, convolutional layers and Android apps with Python and TensorFlow

What you’ll learn
Make a Credit Card Fraud Detection Model in Python. Learn how to keep your data safe!
Learn TensorFlow and how to build models of linear regression
Learn how to code in Python, a popular coding language used for websites like YouTube and Instagram.
Handwritten digit recognition with basic and advanced MNIST (projects)
Weather prediction (project)
Explore Android Studio and the Java language
Discover applications of machine learning and where we use machine learning daily
Explore different machine learning mechanisms and commonly used algorithms
Explore TensorFlow, a machine learning framework
Test your knowledge with coding exercises

No prior knowledge is required. We will teach you all you need to know about the languages, software and technologies we use. If you have lots of experience building machine learning apps, you may find this course a little slow because it’s designed for beginners.
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This is our epic course with 5 projects in artificial intelligence and machine learning:

01. Make your first Android app from scratch

02. Make your first machine learning model with the TensorFlow framework

03. Make an Android app that can analyze and predict handwritten digit data

04. Make an advanced app with the MNIST database of digits

05. Make an app that can predict the weather

This course was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter.

Learn to build neuron functions, convolutional layers, and graphs to read handwritten digit data. в­ђ в­ђ в­ђ в­ђ в­ђ

Learn to code in Java and Python. Design the user interface of every app you make. Learn to maximize efficiency to build apps as quickly as possible and save time with good coding practices.

Learn to test databases and build functions that connect to graphs. Train and test models that can detect credit card fraud.

Test yourself with 8 coding exercises. Understand machine learning concepts that are shaping the future of app development.

Create a credit card fraud detection model! Learn predictive modeling, logistic regression, linear regression, and regression analysis.

Use PyCharm, Java & Android Studio to make apps using artificial intelligence. Learn with hands-on projects & examples!

Do you want to learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automation? In this course, we cover coding in Python, working with TensorFlow, and analyzing credit card fraud. We interweave theory with practical examples so that you learn by doing.

Intro to TensorFlow for Android

We from Mammoth Interactive are here to tell you that your Android and iOS apps can become smarter, stronger and more convenient thanks to machine learning. Better yet, we’ll show you how to build your very own intelligent software that grows with you.

A wildly successful Kickstarter funded this course

Machine learning is changing the world around us. It’s bringing us self-driving cars, facial recognition and artificial intelligence. ML began on computers, but the next big wave is machine learning for mobile. Have you ever thought: why can’t my mobile device do more?

Specific languages and software you’ll learn

Python 3: Flexible and comprehensive, Python is an easy-to-use language that we will use to write powerful machine learning programs and other scripts.

Java: Object-oriented and reliable, Java is one of the most widely-used languages and has been the choice language of Android applications for years.

PyCharm 2017: Write, compile and run Python code in one convenient location.

Android Studio 3: Build Android apps by providing both graphical and programming interfaces for front and back end functionality.

TensorFlow: Allows us to build computational graphs & neural networks and perform intense tasks like training and optimizing models with ease.

Become a mobile machine learning guru! We’ll see you inside!

We blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on coding projects to teach you everything you need to know as a beginner to credit card fraud detection. Join Mammoth Interactive in this course now.

Who this course is for?
Topics involve intermediate math, so familiarity with university-level math is very helpful.
Beginners who want to learn to use Artificial Intelligence.


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