Winning People and Situations in a Job

Winning People and Situations in a Job
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Strategies that makes you Win People and Situations in a Job

What you’ll learn

At the end of this course ,the students will be able to understand the difficult situations in corporate life better and then will be able to Handle those situations in a more favourable way.
The entire course is divided into 5 major critical situations that are stressful and which needs to be handled with maturity
1. Fitments issue in the new environment for the New Joinees and Fresher
2. How to handle and Create a positive perception through the daily demanding and stressful life at the Corporate
3. How can you handle difficult situations when you don’t meet your target
4. How to Manage Stakeholders,without their support you cannot meet Your GOAL or KPI
5. Last but not the least are your Annual appraisal where your increments and next levels are decided/


Only Optimism and Willingness to Accept,Learn and Grow.
Top 50 Tricks to Handle Corporate Job


Hi Friends

Corporate journey is a very exciting, adventurous and full of challenges.Yet it envelopes severe competitiveness and mind games.One has to understand the importance of perception building ,and more importantly during difficult times.

This course covers a very important aspect of the corporate world i.e. People relationship.Everything is people in corporate world and your growth in the corporate ladder depends upon how good you understand people at various roles (Peer,immediate seniors, or uppermost senior leadership team).The journey does not end at only understanding but also using this information for your best.

Please understand that it is a set of strategies that is required for understanding and implementing actions with people at different level for your good. It is the People who is doing all the work,decision making and career growth decision.So unless you do not implement strategies against the people who matter, you will fall flat on the ground.

This course takes you through this journey and what we have done is to divide the difficult situations in 5 major categories which will cover 80% of the corporate issues.Also to note that we will give 50 unique strategies and corporate intelligence that will help you overcome any problem in the corporate world.You can use this 50 strategies anywhere and at any situation.I am happy to also state that it is irespective of which company,where it is locate or which product they sell,these strategies will be a success points for you.This course completly devotes in your success in the corporate world.

The 5 major areas that we will cover are

1. New Joinee – Being a fresher or migrating from another company,fitment into the ciluture and a headstart in the race is of Utmost importance

2.Daily Life @ Corporate – Daily Life @ corporate can be very hectic and stressful.But what ever it is you have to WIN everyday and create a positive perception everyday. Perception is reality and that gives growth

3.Failing KPI- The worst nightmare is when you don’t meet your target and you are completely scare to face the seniors.This is completely natural and don’t feel Bad about it.But what you need to know are some of the basic strategies that will help to keep your perceptions intact with the seniors, face the review meetings with full confidence.

4. Stakeholder Management – We achieve success through team.Here team does not signify your own team but also the cross functional teams.Company has different departments because it brings efficiency and optimization of Specific process ,but collaboratively it brings profitability for the business.Therefore it is very evident that without collaborative approach success is not possible,hence stakeholder management is very important.

5. Annual Appraisal – Normally it is seen that people work for 2 reasons , Money and Identity.This Appraisal time is a process which decides both for you.Hence dealing with this situation is very critical for you.

I would Request all to please have completly concentration when you go through this course.If required , if voice is down to increase the volume.Please try to understand the context of each of the strategies.

Who this course is for:

Must for people in the corporate world or joining the corporate world irrespective of technical or Non Technical status

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