Workers and Capital

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Descirption: The classic text of Italian workerism available in English for the first time.
Workers and Capital is universally recognised as the most important work produced by operaismo, a current of political thought emerging in the 1960s that revolutionised the institutional and extra-parliamentary Left in Italy and beyond. In the decade after its first publication in 1966, the debates over Workers and Capital produced new methods of analysis and a new vocabulary for thousands of militants, helping to inform the new forms of workplace, youth and community struggles. Concepts like ‘neocapitalism’, ‘class composition’, ‘mass-worker’, ‘the plan of capital’, ‘workers’ inquiry’ and ‘co-research’ became an established part of the Italian Left’s political lexicon. Over five decades since it was first published, Workers and Capital has been a key text in the history of the international workers’ movement, yet only now appears in English translation for the first time….

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